Well, hello.

Anne Hays is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Library Instruction at the College of Staten Island Library.

I wear a few hats, but here are some of them: I coordinate library instruction between the instruction librarians (I’m one of them) and the teaching faculty on campus. I teach a section of our credit bearing course, LIB 102. I worked on the OER grant-based project in its initial year. I manage our instance of Academic Works, our Institutional Repository. I’m a board member of the feminist academic journal WSQ. I am the faculty advisor for a student publication called Queer Zine. I also write about zines, table at zine fests, and write some in my spare time. I love riding my bike around Brooklyn, and get really rankled when cars swerve in dangerous ways that threaten the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. Also, I’m the library liaison for Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program and the Department of Performing & Creative Arts.

Here’s a more official summary:
Professor Hays holds Master’s Degrees in both library science and creative writing. Their research interests explore the intersection between identity politics and print/media culture—including open access, social media platforms, blogging, artists’ books, and zine culture. Their current research investigates how libraries support marginalized communities and provide access points for scholars to locate their own identity-specific cultural heritage in an academic sphere. Additionally, Anne Hays is the founding editor of Storyscape Journal, a literary and arts journal: storyscapejournal.com